As you may know, Regis Social Media has been providing high quality digital marketing services to clients just like you since 2013. However, today we’re excited to celebrate our designation as a Top Agency in Los Angeles by UpCity!

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UpCity’s Top Agency marketplace is a resource designed to connect small and medium sized businesses with high-quality digital marketing service providers, allowing business owners to get the services they need quickly from a service provider they can trust. The UpCity team independently reviews agencies across North America to determine the best service providers in each local market, ensuring that no matter where you are, great digital marketing services are never more than a click away.

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UpCity provides a comprehensive local inbound marketing platform to help digital marketing agencies scale SEO, local and social marketing services. The UpCity platform serves as a single operating system that includes robust project management, sales tools, reporting, and can be fully white labeled to streamline client engagements from onboarding to ongoing engagement. UpCity, a venture capital-backed business based in Chicago, was founded in 2009. Learn more at

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Regis Social Media is a boutique digital advertising company based mostly in Culver City, CA with workplaces in Poulsbo, WA.  It is a service-based mostly company that gives its shoppers concierge-degree custom-made options to develop their enterprise and obtain on-line success. With over four years of of expertise and experience in the fields of Digital Advertising; Local SEO; Content Marketing; Reputation Management; and Website Technologies, Regis Social Media gives their shoppers options to their on-line advertising wants in order to maximise and monetize their international on-line presence.

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How to Build and Manage Online Customer Reviews

As most local small businesses are quickly finding out, online customer reviews are extremely important in generating more sales and profits.

If your business has bad consumer reviews, you are missing out on potential business because most people will skip over your listing. Whether the reviews are true or not doesn’t matter because studies show that most Internet users trust the customer reviews they read online.

Many businesses are lost when it comes to getting and managing their online customer reviews. Here are some tips that will help:

Approximately 88% of local consumers go online to search for local businesses that offer products and services that they need. So it is crucial that small businesses that target local consumers have a strong online presence that includes good customer reviews.

Five Effective Tips To Get More Positive Online Customer Reviews

  1. Set Up Multiple Review Profiles
  2. Ask Your Customers for Reviews
  3. Time Is Of The Essence (Do It Now)
  4. Ask Them In Different Ways
  5. Make Them Happy

Set Up Multiple Review Profiles

In order to provide more visibility for your business, make sure that your local listings such as Google Local (Google My Business), Yahoo Local, Bing Local, and other local directory listings are claimed and optimized. Getting customer reviews on these sites will also help your rankings.

Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Many businesses overlook the easiest way to get customer reviews, which is simply asking your customers to go online and write reviews about your business. Your happy customers won’t have a problem doing so.

Time Is Of The Essence (Do It Now)

People are most likely to give you a review right away rather than later; the longer you wait from the time of service, your chance of getting a review drops tremendously.

Ask Them In Different Ways

Whether it’s via email, or on your website, or social media, or even in person – there are multiple channels to reach your existing customers to ask for reviews…don’t stop at just one.

  • Email Your Customer List for Reviews – If you have your customers’ email addresses, you can simply send them an email asking them to leave a review about your product or service. You can send them to your local business listing pages where they can leave reviews.
  • Stay on Top of What is Being Said About Your Business – You should proactively perform internet searches to see what is being said about your business. If you don’t know what’s being said, you have no chance of correcting the negative content.

Make Them Happy

The more customers you satisfy, the more positive reviews you can potentially receive. So make customer satisfaction a top priority and the rest should fall into place.

  • If your business treats its customers right, many of them will naturally go online to tell the world how happy they are with you. Providing reliable, friendly service goes a long way in helping you build a positive image for your business.

Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews

Ignoring bad reviews can be detrimental to your business because it sends a negative message to your prospects. Instead, you should publicly respond to those reviews to show that you do care. This can quickly turn that negative review into a positive situation. This is a good example of proper Reputation Management.

Continuously Grow Your Number of Positive Customer Reviews

Getting a few good reviews is a good start. But don’t stop at getting two or three; the more, the better. Consumers tend to lean towards those businesses that have many reviews. Think about this way; if your business has 75 awesome reviews and your main competitor has 5 awesome reviews, you will likely win when it comes to which one consumers will decide to do business with.

One fantastic way to request more reviews is to have available an easy-to-access link that can be seen on both desktop and mobile.  Our FREE Small Business Review Link Generator will create a personalized link for you. Click the image below.


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Highly Effective Facebook Advertising Strategies

Facebook Ads have evolved to become a versatile means of reaching out and targeting would-be customers. This can be according to different criteria such as their age, gender, lifestyle and even their profession.

Any online entrepreneur who ignores the power of marketing their products on Facebook does so at their own peril.

Research has shown that the average Facebook user spends almost an hour a day on the platform.

That does include Instagram in the mix, but it’s still almost as much time as people spend eating and drinking (1.07 hours, by the way).

To an enterprising marketer, such an ubiquitous platform as Facebook with it’s constantly online global audience represents a virtual goldmine for selling ideas to new customers and instilling loyalty in existing ones.


In this guide, we will examine some of the most effective techniques and approaches to make your Facebook Ads count.

Facebook Ads, although powerful and convenient, can be a real beast to figure out how to properly implement them.  What seems so easy (I’ll just post a picture and my product link and sit back and make money!) actually has several layers to it and a person can get a little lost trying to make sense of it all.  There are many pitfalls that only an experienced Facebook Ads manager would be able to avoid.

Six Effective Facebook Advertising Strategies

  1. Sell Benefits and Solutions, Not Products
  2. Choose Convincing Action Words
  3. Ask A Question
  4. Keep Your Ads Short And Prominent
  5. Offer Freebies
  6. Capture That Email

Sell Benefits and Solutions, Not Products

There is something decidedly different when it comes to Facebook Ads as compared to Google Ads. When Google presents their ads, the user is already actively searching for a similar service or product. As such, it is very easy to target such people with the sort of products they are in need of at that very moment. For Facebook, you do not have such a benefit so you have to get a bit more ingenious to command the attention of people.

The best way to ensure your ads get noticed by people is to promote a benefit or a particular solution rather than the specific product to be used for such a benefit. As an example, a Facebook Ad saying “Get rid of cellulite the natural way” is bound to command more attention than one promoting “The best anti-cellulite cream in the world.”

Choose Convincing Action Words

Facebook Ads give you the opportunity to communicate with users using very few words which are not displayed very prominently. To make such a subtle Ad work in your benefit, you need to choose your call-to-action words very carefully. Your headline can only be 25 characters long! Opt for words and phrases which prompt the reader to get a glimpse of what benefits await them when they take action, purchase your product/service and improve their lives.

Ask a Question

Facebook Ads based around a well phrased question are much more likely to garner interest and a second glance from Facebook users. There are several reasons why questions have almost a subliminal attraction to humans. To begin with, questions give the impression of a conversation going on. It creates an impression of dialogue and people will be drawn in to respond.

Secondly, people who are trying to solve problems tend to ask themselves questions as they seek for the best solutions. To illustrate the power of Facebook Ads phrased as questions think of a college student looking to improve their grades. Such a student is more likely to think “How am I going to improve my grades this year?” rather than a simple “I need to improve my grades this year”. If you phrase your ad using the first approach, it will most likely get more clicks than the second one.

Keep your Ads Short and Relevant

Facebook now allows you to have your ads displayed directly in user’s Facebook news feed rather than just on the sidebar. This is a powerful new tool especially when reaching out to users on Smartphones and other portable devices. However, this more prominent leeway to reach out can just easily backfire as it is likely to create a good impression.

The trick to make Facebook Ads work in your favor is to make them flow as naturally as possible with the rest of the stories and posts the user is browsing through. This is easier said than done though. To begin with, you need to ensure the message is catchy. You also need to present the message as briefly as possible as any amount of convoluted and wound up phrasing is likely to bore or even irritate the readers you are targeting.

Offer Freebies

Everyone loves a freebie. However, you must select the items you offer for free carefully to ensure they offer some value to the people reading your Facebook Ads. As a savvy marketer, you need to keep in mind that, at best, most of the users coming across your ads are likely to have just a mild interest on the products and services you are selling. The only way to pique this interest further is to convince them that they do not have to pay to enjoy some of the benefits and solutions you are offering.  This also ties into content marketing strategies. And leads to…

Capture That Email

Email marketing is still the ecommerce workhouse of the internet.  You want to provide value upfront to your prospects so that they trust you to, essentially, enter their bubble of attention.

If you can continue to provide value, eventually you just may be able to sell an item to someone on your email list.  Facebook even offers Lead Ads to assist with that but it will be worthwhile to discuss your ad campaign options with an experienced Ads manager.


Facebook advertising has proven to be a winner for most businesses that have been able to utilize it effectively without losing a lot of time and hurting their marketing budget.

There are a lot of mistakes you can make along the way, but Facebook advertising should not be ignored. If you’d rather have a skilled, experienced Facebook Ads professional take you through the process, my team and I can help.