How to Build and Manage Online Customer Reviews

As most local small businesses are quickly finding out, online customer reviews are extremely important in generating more sales and profits.

If your business has bad consumer reviews, you are missing out on potential business because most people will skip over your listing. Whether the reviews are true or not doesn’t matter because studies show that most Internet users trust the customer reviews they read online.

Many businesses are lost when it comes to getting and managing their online customer reviews. Here are some tips that will help:

Approximately 88% of local consumers go online to search for local businesses that offer products and services that they need. So it is crucial that small businesses that target local consumers have a strong online presence that includes good customer reviews.

Five Effective Tips To Get More Positive Online Customer Reviews

  1. Set Up Multiple Review Profiles
  2. Ask Your Customers for Reviews
  3. Time Is Of The Essence (Do It Now)
  4. Ask Them In Different Ways
  5. Make Them Happy

Set Up Multiple Review Profiles

In order to provide more visibility for your business, make sure that your local listings such as Google Local (Google My Business), Yahoo Local, Bing Local, and other local directory listings are claimed and optimized. Getting customer reviews on these sites will also help your rankings.

Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Many businesses overlook the easiest way to get customer reviews, which is simply asking your customers to go online and write reviews about your business. Your happy customers won’t have a problem doing so.

Time Is Of The Essence (Do It Now)

People are most likely to give you a review right away rather than later; the longer you wait from the time of service, your chance of getting a review drops tremendously.

Ask Them In Different Ways

Whether it’s via email, or on your website, or social media, or even in person – there are multiple channels to reach your existing customers to ask for reviews…don’t stop at just one.

  • Email Your Customer List for Reviews – If you have your customers’ email addresses, you can simply send them an email asking them to leave a review about your product or service. You can send them to your local business listing pages where they can leave reviews.
  • Stay on Top of What is Being Said About Your Business – You should proactively perform internet searches to see what is being said about your business. If you don’t know what’s being said, you have no chance of correcting the negative content.

Make Them Happy

The more customers you satisfy, the more positive reviews you can potentially receive. So make customer satisfaction a top priority and the rest should fall into place.

  • If your business treats its customers right, many of them will naturally go online to tell the world how happy they are with you. Providing reliable, friendly service goes a long way in helping you build a positive image for your business.

Don’t Ignore Negative Reviews

Ignoring bad reviews can be detrimental to your business because it sends a negative message to your prospects. Instead, you should publicly respond to those reviews to show that you do care. This can quickly turn that negative review into a positive situation. This is a good example of proper Reputation Management.

Continuously Grow Your Number of Positive Customer Reviews

Getting a few good reviews is a good start. But don’t stop at getting two or three; the more, the better. Consumers tend to lean towards those businesses that have many reviews. Think about this way; if your business has 75 awesome reviews and your main competitor has 5 awesome reviews, you will likely win when it comes to which one consumers will decide to do business with.

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