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Are you struggling to attract new website visitors, get your phone to ring, or get more foot traffic through your doors? That’s what Paid Search Management (pay-per-click or “PPC”) is all about.

When you go to Google and other search engines and type in some keywords, the first results that appear at the very top – and along the right side – of the search results are paid ads.

So how do those ads get there and how does Google decide which ones you should see first?

What is Paid Search / PPC?

Pay-per-Click advertising is a method used to drive direct traffic to websites. The ads are highly-targeted based on keywords, location, and other specifications; and companies pay only when internet users click on their ads.

Companies just like yours bid on keywords that are the most relevant to their specific products and services. These keywords allow those businesses to get their advertisements in front of precise, targeted consumers who are actively searching for the types of goods and services they offer.

It’s a faster alternative to better search engine exposure as opposed to relying on your own website to rank highly organically.

It’s also possible to use PPC advertising on specific websites using a network like Google AdSense, through Facebook using Facebook ads, or on other search engines like Bing.

PPC is incredibly powerful and big companies will invest millions into it because it provides such huge returns. Amazon has been known to spend over a million dollars a day on AdWords, which should give you an indication of just how successful it can be.

Why Paid Search / PPC?

89% of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions – this. is. huge.

Paid search management is one of the most cost-effective types of online marketing because it only targets those customers who already are raising their hands to indicate they are ready to buy. That’s not something a TV commercial, newspaper ad, or any other type of marketing can do.

Why does PPC make sense for any business ready to gain more online exposure?

  • Highly-targeted prospects

  • More search engine exposure

  • Higher conversion rates

  • More website traffic


What We Do

If you’re not careful, PPC campaigns can drain your budget – especially if they’re not executed properly.

On the flip side, when done correctly, the payoff can be significant due to the fact that PPC will bring in direct, qualified leads for your business.

We specialize in developing, launching and optimizing PPC marketing campaigns for small and large businesses.

When you contact Regis Social Media, we will discuss these various options with you to help you identify the best networks for your specific brand and goals. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced PPC experts will work within your budget to produce measurable results that are based on key metrics; our goal is to ensure you get the absolute maximum return from your investment.

Our services include:

* Keyword Research
* Paid Search Marketing
* Landing Page Design & Optimization
* Facebook Paid Advertising
* Google, Yahoo, Bing PPC Advertising

Ready to Get Started?

The internet is an extremely busy place; and sometimes, you have to go that extra mile to put your business in front of local consumers and break through the noise.

If you’re ready to have high-performing, high-yielding paid search management campaigns that exceed your expectations, we’re ready to over-deliver.

To start your highly effective PPC campaign today and start seeing similar returns, get in touch and we’ll discuss your strategy and quote with no obligation.

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