If you’re already creating videos for your blog, business or brand… then congratulations! That fact alone puts you ahead of the vast majority of businesses and it means that you’re going to be reaching your audience in one of the most engaging and dynamic ways. But there’s a difference between creating video for your business and creating high quality video. How do you go about creating the kind of footage that is really going to stand out and get noticed? How do you make sure that your business looks professional and high quality?

Let’s take a look at some of the most important strategies you should be using to take your video to the next level.


Hopefully you don’t need me to tell you that it’s important to have a high quality camera so that you can capture high definition footage. But don’t forget that this is only one small part of what makes your footage look great. Just as important is that your videos are well lit and that means you’re going to need to either think about the nearest light source, or think about how you can light your subjects using other tools. A soft box for example is a great tool for lighting a scene that will make a big difference to the appearance of your shots and which can add some real contrast.


Like lighting, sound is something else that is all-too-often forgotten. Even the best looking video in the world will come off as amateurish if the sounds isn’t also up to par. There are a few ways you can record your sound but one of the best strategies is to use a lapel mic along with a handheld recorder like the H4 Zoom. This is affordable but creates really great, crisp sound.


The last piece of the puzzle is the graphics. The right graphics in a video can make all the difference to the way that your video comes across because it adds an element of professionalism that takes your video outside the realms of what an amateur could accomplish.
So what graphics do you need specifically? Some popular examples include an introduction and outro, bottom thirds which add annotations to your scenes, title cards and even an outro to bookend your videos.
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