So, you want to create a video for your business? Maybe it’s a video advert, maybe it’s an ‘explainer video’ or maybe it’s just a presentation.

Whatever the case, you are now dabbling in the world of videography and editing. This is an art form and even if you’re filming for ‘cynical business reasons’, the same rules apply as they would to Steven Spielberg working on his next masterpiece.

If you get this stuff right, then it is going to create a world of difference for your end product. So here are some tips that will help you make the right impression…

Have a Story Board

No matter the nature of the video you want to create, it is always imperative that you create a storyboard first. Even if the only footage you need is B-Roll, you’ll likely find that you often underestimate just how much you need and end up filming not enough. Knowing exactly which shots you need to collect can help you to streamline the process and avoid falling short of requirement.

Leave Buffer

It can be tempting to create very short and sharp takes to avoid large video files. You might want to film your shot and then stop it as soon as the action ends for example. But in doing this, you will make life much harder for yourself when it comes to editing!

Use Inserts and Cutaways

An insert is a close up of an object already in the scene. For instance, if the lead looks down at their hand and the shot cuts to whatever is in their hand, then this will add detail to your scene and bring it to life.
A cutaway meanwhile is a shot of something that is out of the scene. For instance, if the subject looks up and sees a clock on the wall.
In an interview, you might want to take shots of the interviewer as the interviewee is talking, or of objects in the room they are talking about. Reversals are also useful, which are shots of the interviewer re-asking questions that you can insert later on.


Finally, remember that you’re going to be adding graphics to your videos. These include things like intros, a logo, bottom thirds etc. As you’re filming, try to take note of where the graphics are going to go and how they’re going to look. Otherwise, they can end up cutting out key elements of your footage!

And who is going to create those graphics for you? Video Studio, that’s who!

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